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About Me

I'm the type of person who enjoys taking pictures for the pure fun of it.  Many times, the best picture taken is the one that is unexpected or is caught when you least expect something to happen.

The majority of pictures I take are of nature or of scenery that is appealing to me.  I will go out to the middle of no-where and take pictures or I will go to the center of town for that one great shot.  

Lately, nature and weather have been the focus of my photography as they both excite me and are very beautiful and inspiring.  It is unpredictable and exciting at the same time so that is why I try to capture them as much as possible.  City views are another area that inspire me and are very hard to capture.


The other aspect I am persuing is becoming a headshot specialist. Head shots are most commonly used in LinkedIn profile, Social media, Company website, Company portfolio, Marketing, Advertising. Actors often have a printed head shot with an attached résumé for auditions or an online presence in a casting workbook. 


Please visit my site often to view my most recent work.  Most city scapes and scenery shots on the site are available for purchase so if you are interested in any of them, please feel free to send me an email about purchasing it.

Thank you for visiting and enjoy.

Contact Me

Pembroke Pines, FL

Tel: 305-522-9594

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